Colonel Qaddafi’s dream

By AI HORIO, Editor in Chief

African Union elected President Muammar el-Qaddafi of Libya, its one year term Chairman on Feb.2. However, it looks like among 53-member body, some countries haven’t endorsed the election.
Colonel Qaddafi has a long held dream of transforming Africa into a unified state, mirroring the idea of the United States. He has repeatedly proposed immediate unity and the establishment of a single currency, army and passport for the entire continent.
Although Colonel Qaddafi’s strong passion for pan-African vision is shared by some member countries like Senegal, most of the countries and realistic approach. South Africa, the block’s economic powerhouse regards the idea as impractical.
Africa Union has some urgent issues to tackle with. They are: 1)to improve human rights and security, 2) to ensure food security, and 3)to deal with global warming.
Among other things, human security is a first priority.
-->They cannot leave the issue unsettled in Darfur region of Sudan.In addition, they have to provide a panacea for Zimbabwe’s current disastrous economic crisis. They also need to defuse the political incipient uprising in the region. In this respect, the turmoil in Madagascar is a case in point.
Colonel Qaddafi pledged to bring up the issue of the United States of Africa for a vote at the next AU summit in July, But, as long as the present human tragedies prevail in the region, how many member states will share Colonel Qaddafi’s dream?
Ai Horio

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