【Special interview】The Voice of Gaza

AI HORIO(Editor in Chief)

I have succeeded in getting an special interview with a staff who works at   United Nations(anonymity) in Gaza on July 19, 2014.

Q(INDIGO MAGAZINE):  How do matters stand in Gaza now?

A: We are suffering an air raid by Israel every five minutes. All windows were destroyed by Israel…We are subject to strict censorship repeatedly. Listen…my daughter accident victims suffer trauma by Israeli bombing in 2008 . Therefore, I’m deeply apprehensive about my daughter.

-We heard gunfire echo from far away-

Q: Does your city have electricity now?
A: There’s no electricity here… We were cut off from the supply of my home. Therefore, we switch over to an independent generator.

Q:How should you settle  about food reserves this time when you are bombed by Israel?
A:We have water fit to drink …Israel granted Palestinians permission to purchase some foods for three hours. However, we don’t have a means of transportation for reserves of provisions. All cars were burned to a crisp by aerial bombing in Gaza. 

-The sound of intermittent gunfire-

QWhat is the situation of the educational interface in Gaza?
A:Schools close for the summer vacation in Gaza now...In what way should I go about this now?

My house share a border with Israel .Therefore, my area is a critical condition .

We were cut off in the middle of our Skype conversation in fifteen minutes.

*AI HORIO is responsible for the wording.

Map http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gaza_Strip#mediaviewer/File:Gaza_Strip_map2.svg

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